Sunday, January 24, 2010


I have never (not sure why) given Christopher spaghetti with the sauce on it. Come to think of it I have probably not given it to him b/c it is soooo messy. He didn't do too bad with it, I didn't think. We have been at our rental house all weekend getting it ready to get rented out again. We took his 4 wheeler and he enjoyed riding around in the house. Shane (the guy that works for Bryan) came to help us a little bit and brought his 2 boys. Bryan paid them 10 bucks a piece to "babysit" They had fun and Christopher thought he was a big boy too. It was too cute but no pictures of that.


Jill said...

That's pretty darn good for his first time!

posted by The Bailey Family said...

He is adorable! Look at that smile. I think he likes sketti!

Courtney said...

Hayden LOVES it, its one of her favorite foods!!! Glad he likes it. You can hide lots of things in the sauce :)