Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Quack Quack

Today was such a beautiful day today we decided to make the most of it, and head to the park to feed the quack quacks. Christopher was excited to feed the ducks today and they actually ate and came running to us to get some bread. We fed the ducks, turtles and little fish, chased the ducks, and watched a crane find him some lunch. After the bread was gone we headed to the playground to play for a little bit. There were several kids there today so he actually had some buddies to play with and not just me. After we left the park we headed to the grocery store and home for a nap. Thinking about making pizza tonight for dinner so it will top off our fun day together.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

This little boy...

LOVES his daddy. Bryan has been working a whole lot lately so we have not really gotten a chance to spend time with him but he dedicated his whole Sunday to me and Christopher. Christopher could not have been happier. He even crawled in the bed with him tonight to "watch" Cars and this is how I found them. Aren't they cute? We have had a great day of doing absolutely nothing. We played outside with the nieghbors grandchild, rode 4 wheelers, sat in the sun, ate popsiscles and just enjoyed the beautiful weather. We did go to Wal Mart for some bubbles and a bubble blower but that was it. It has been a really good day and we enjoyed getting to enjoy daddy ALL day long

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thomas Take 2

Well we attempted to go see Thomas again on Thursday with our friends that we were supposed to go with last week and I got there and there was NO Thomas. I had one sad little boy. We had been tlaking about going to see the Choo Choo all morning long and then there was no choo choo to be had. We ended up going down to Montevallo to a park down there and letting Christopher and Coopie (Cooper) play for several hours. We went to lunch and did a little grocery shopping and headed home for nap time.
Friday we attempted to go to Thomas again b/c I just knew he was there on Friday. Yep, wrong again. We ended up letting to boys play on the train tracks and get up on the actual trains that were at the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum. They had a good time and finally got to see the choo choos. We went in the gift shop b/c I knew I was not crazy and that Thomas was supposed to be there and the lady said not jsut Sat and Sun. I still knew I was not crazy and came home and looked it up on the internet and it does say Fri, Sat and Sun so I am not sooo crazy after all.
Here are some pictures of Christopher and Coopie playing on the tracks and in the gift shop at the train table.

Feeding the ducks

Last weekend Christopher and I headed to the park to feed the ducks. I had a lot of bread that I thought we were going to get rid of. Christopher got to a piece before we started feeding the ducks. Thank goodness it was not a piece that was molded. Anyway, the ducks were not hungry but we enjoyed playing anyway.

My BIG boy

Here is the back pack we got when we went to see Thomas last week. Doesn't he look like he is ready for Kindergarten? Makes me a little sad

Friday, April 9, 2010

A day out with Thomas

Well we had plans to go see Thomas the tank with some friends today and she called and had to cancel b/c her little boy is sick. I thought about not going b/c Thomas will be back next week but decided to head on out. I put Christophers 1 and only train shirt on and his belly hung out the bottom of it, so off to the monogramming machine I went. It took me over an hour to make his shirt and he was not acting very sweet the whole time. I had decided we were not going and we would just go next week and do something around the house today. Then my friend Leslie called and said they wanted to go so we packed up and headed that way, we stopped for some lunch and had a picnic in the car and then headed to see the choo choo. We went to the petting zoo and checked out the animals and then headed to get our tattoo. Next we went to hear the story and this is where Christopher FLIPPED out, he did not want on the train, he did not want to hear a story, he did not want to sit on my lap, he wanted off and he wanted off NOW. We went and listened to Jay Aycock sing some kiddie songs and that is when our friends showed up. Christopher was totally different once Larson got there, running around like some sort of wild animal let loose. They boys had a good time, playing with the train tables, playing in the sand and just running around. We were there for about 2 hours or more and when we headed home little man was out like a light.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thank you Easter Bunny Bok Bok

We had a really good Easter and I think Christopher enjoyed his basket and I really think he enjoyed having jelly beans and Smarties for breakfast that day. He got lots of goodies in his basket, some coloring books, an Easter Mr Potato Head, a carrot bat and ball set, candy of course and a few more goodies I picked up here and there. We played outside most of the day riding 4 wheelers, pushing cars, playing with remote control cars, hunting eggs and well you get the picture. I cooked a big meal and our neighbor Anthony came down to eat with us. It was a great day and we are really enjoying this great weather we have been having.

Christopher has a car that he plays with outside and I caught him a few times this weekend actually putting his foot in the door of the car and trying to get in it. He sort of got upset a few times when he wouldn't fit. He is so crazy sometimes and always keeps me on my toes.

Birthday party

On Saturday the 3rd we had a bday party to go to for a little girl in our playgroup. It was at a place called Gymboree. Christopher had a good time, he loved the bubbles and he loved dancing and eating cake. We had a good time. On the way home we stopped and got some lunch and came home for a nap (I thought). We ended up at the park. We had Olivia this weekend and so we headed to the little park by our house for a few hours. Christopher had a good time playing with Ia (Olivia) he loves her and she loves him. Bryan met us up there and they all played with cars in the wood chips. Christopher has recently learned about blowing dandelions so he spent the first part of our park visit finding them and blowing them. It was cute but once they were all gone he moved on to other things.