Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday morning blues

This morning mommy woke up with a bad bad headache. We were supposed to go to the park with the Chubby Cherubs but didn't make it due to mommy's head and the cold weather. The highlight of our day has been talking to Maw Maw on the phone. She doesn't feel good either we hope she feels better soon.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Piggies

I have recently found my piggies. I love sitting in my bed or my bouncy seat and playing with them. Check me out!!!

Picture Day

Today me and mommy went to visit mommy's friend Alicia and her family. Alicia was mommy's roommate in college and she has a little girl named Hadley that was born 13 days after me. I think one day she may be my girlfriend. After we left Granny's house we went to JC Pennys to get my pictures taken. I did such a good job while she took my pictures. I got really tired since I only took a little nap with Mrs. Becky at Granny's house. Mommy and I came home and hung out and went to bed pretty early, since we have had a busy past 2 days.

A Day with Thomas

On Friday Christopher and mommy went with the Chubby Cherubs to see Thomas the Tank Engine in Calera. We had so much fun. We got our picture taken with Thomas and Sir Tophem Hat, we got a Thomas tattoo and listened to a Thomas Story. It was a very fun and busy day.