Thursday, January 21, 2010

boys and their trucks

Bryan brought Christopher home a monster truck book and that is all we have looked at all day long. We did manage to get out for a few hours and go to some friends house to play. What a good time we had. When we got back hom it was back to the monster truck book. He LOVES it and Bryan didn't think it was worth 10.00 :). After dinner Bryan and Christopher played in the floor with none other than the monster trucks and looked through the monster truck book several times. Christopher is feeling so much better and I am sooo glad b/c yesterday was a loooooonnnnngggg day. Last night before I put him to bed I was trying to get him to repeat things to me which he NEVER does and I asked him to say Cooper (the little boy we played with today) and he said Coopie. I'll take it. He said mawmaw, pawpaw, Leslie (or what sort of sounded like it) Hadley (Habley) and a few others. Hopefully he will coming around soon with his language.

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Jill said...

Cindy, he is just the cutest thing! By the way, I still don't have an email from you with your address???? Try sending it to