Saturday, February 28, 2009

Good Day with Friends

Today Christopher and I met Alicia and Hadley and a few others for mexican!!!! We sat in a secluded area and put chairs up to block the kids in. Neither one of them were interested in sitting in the highchairs even with food sitting in front of them. They wanted to be digging through Alicias bag, playing with knives, eating and carrying a lime around, playing with keys, Hadley kissing on Christopher, running into tables etc etc etc. They were really good and it was nice that we had that section to ourselves so we could enjoy some mommy chit chat. After lunch we headed to the outlets to check out the sales. We got a few new things. We also had to go to Wal Mart and get a few things too. It has been a great day. I love being able to hang out with Alicia and let the kids play. Here are some pics form our day.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

15 month check up

Well we went to our new Dr. It was an ok visit except we were there for 2 hours. I was a little frustrated b/c Christopher was into everything in that small room we were waiting in. I got to the point that I did not care what he did. He pulled the paper off the roll, pulled gloves out of the box and I did not care. She ended up telling me that Christopher is skinny?????? What???? I thought he was a little chunky. He weighs 22 lbs and 10 oz and is 32 inches tall. My little boy is getting so big. After we left the Dr we went to Krystal and got him and daddy some Krystals and went to Chick fil A to get me a salad. We ate lunch at the shop with Bryan, came home took a nap and then headed to the grocery store. I gave him his first taste of peanut butter and I think he liked it but his face got a little red and he started scratching his neck and pulling his shirt out so I started freaking out. I called a friend to see what I should do and I ended up giving him some Benadryl just in case. I am sure he is fine and I was just over reacting but I would rather be safe than sorry.

Here are some pics of what we have been doing the past few days. Christopher has learned to climb on the couch. He likes to climb up and get down and climb up and get down 100 times a day. He thought he was cool today b/c he got on the couch and found my cell phone. He has also been lovin on Huey and it is so cute.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Tonight Christopher and I went to babysit Baby Benjamin for a few hours. Christopher has never really had to share me with anyone and I don't think he liked it very much but I loved it b/c he was loving on me all night long. The boys played well with each other and Benjamin gave Christopher a taste of his own medicine by pulling his hair. Christopher passed out less than a mile away from their house from all his playing.

Mardi Gras

On Sat Feb 14th Bryan and I had to be out the door by 9:30 to begin our Mardi Gras festivities. My sister had some friends in town so they were all in charge of keeping the little man straight. They all went to lunch, caught the parade, came to visit mommy and daddy at The Malaga, rode around town sightseeing, ordered pizza and played cards. It was also Valentine's Day so Christopher had some special heart pudding to enjoy. Here are some pics from their fun filled day. They caught a ton of beads and stuffed animals and said that Christopher kept them laughing all day long. I am so glad he was a sweet boy for them

NOT a beach BUM :(

This post really saddens me.... On Thursday Feb 12, my sister took the day off and we headed to the beach to do some shopping. We decided to go to the actual beach to see how Christopher liked it. We took off his shoes and socks and put him in the sand and guess what he did? CRIED!!! He hated it. We took him down the the part of the sand that is a little harder b/c the water has hit it and he still did not like it. I really do not know what I am going to do about this b/c we have several trips to the beach planned with friends. I grew up at the beach and he HAS to like it. Hopefully he will get used to it but not today.


Christopher and I headed to Mobile on Friday Feb 6th and on the 7th we met Julie, Carter and Holley for lunch and then we headed to the parade. I do not think Christopher quite understood what was going on but needless to say he got lots of beads, cups and MOONPIES. Before I know it he will be screaming "Throw me something Mister!!!!"

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Heart Breaker

Today we had a Valentine's Day Craft party to go to. We had a good time and passed out Valentine's that we made and made a craft. Christophers did not turn out so good and then somebody wrote on it so we threw it away. He had a good time and was really good and played well with all the kids. I made him a little shirt to weat that says "Heart Breaker" because I know one day he will be. :) We are heading to Mobile tomorrow for Mardi Gras so there will be no updates for at least a week. We will see you tomorrow Maw Maw and Aunt Leslie!!!!!