Monday, December 28, 2009

Right now....

My child is asleep on the kitchen floor. Guess he is tired from staying up until about 10 and waking up about 7.

Christmas fun

We were in Mobile for a little over a week and we had a great time hanging out with the family, making cookies for Santa and getting ready for the big guy to come visit. Christopher got WAY too much this year and he was soooo funny opening his presents, my presents, Bryans presents and anyones presents he could get to. He "helped" Paw Paw rake, hung out with Maw Maw, got Paw Paw to sleep and went to a Christmas parade. Notice the picture of him eating Santas cookies. He is crazy :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Bed time

As most of you know bed time around here is HORRIBLE lately. Here is how I have found Christopher a few times when I have gone to check on him.


Bryan wanted me to make some goodies for the guys that work for him and today was the day :) Christopher and I have been super busy in the kitchen today making crock pot fudge, rice krispy treats, brownies, peanut butter krispy balls, Oreo balls, and chocolate covered pretzels. I think he and I are both on sugar overload big time. It has been a fun day but I am one pooped momma.

Monday, December 7, 2009

BIG boy bed

I have been having a really hard time with Christopher going to bed at night and nap time. He has learned how to climb out of his bed and he is pretty fast at it. The past week has been horrible when it comes to bedtime. I don't know what happened to my good sleeping baby. He used to go to bed at 8 was asleep by 8:15 and would sleep until at least 8 and usually longer. Not so much anymore. He has been getting in bed at 8 but not going to bed until around 10 and waking up at about 6. This is not going over very well with this tired and frustrated mommy. We decided to convert his bed tonight thinking it might be easier. Yeah once again not so much. He did have fun "helping" Bryan convert his bed and getting in and out of the bed. Finally he went to sleep and doesn't he look just precious?

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Parade

Today was the Alabster parade. It was soooo cold and it snowed a little bit last night, not enough to stick but hey at least it snowed. We got up and layered ourselves with lots of clothes and headed to the parade. Christopher was pretty tired b/c he has been up since 6:30am. (This climbing out of the bed is for the birds I tell you.) Anyways, the parade was good, Christopher got the hang of waving and he knew they would throw him some candy and he seemed to enjoy picking it all up. He has had suckers, tootsie rolls and no telling what else. He was asleep before we got home from all the excitement, and thankfully is still asleep!! :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ho Ho Ho

Today has been one of those days. Christopher has been fussy fussy for some reason. I am guessing he is cutting his 2 year molars but I am not sure b/c he tries to bite my finger when I try to feel his teeth. He has also learned what I was dreading and that is him learning to climb out of his bed. We were planning on transferring his crib to a toddler bed after the first of the year but looks like it is coming a little earlier than expected. He went to take a nap today and I went downstairs to sew and when I came up to check on him he was sitting beside his bed playing with puzzles. (he never slept that time I put him down) When he finally decided to go down for his nap he climbed out of his bed several times before finally going to sleep. When he woke up we got ready and headed to our friends Leslie and Larsons so we could go see Santa at the Bass Pro Shop. The boys enjoyed playing with all the toys they had out but neither one of them cared for Santa AT ALL. After that we went and ate some Mexican food and headed home. When I put him down for bed time he climbed out a few times but is now sound asleep. Tonight I will have to lock him in his room so he doesn't climb out and walk around the house or fall down the stairs. He is a NUT