Saturday, February 27, 2010


The other day I went to our bedroom and when I came back to the den Christopher was sitting in a moon pie box, like all the way in it. I ran to get the camera and when I got back he was escaping the box and this is all I got.

Here is also a picture of him from a few days ago. He brought all of his stuffed animals in the den and put them in a pile and then he piled up with them.

Boys and their trucks

Well Christopher got it honestly from his daddy. Bryan went to Wal Mart today and came home with 6 new "cars" 3 for him and 3 for Christopher. Here they are playing with their trucks.

Christopher has been all about Paw Paw today. When we were eating breakfast this morning there was a box of Frosted Flakes on the counter. (that is the cerealy Paw Paw eats and apparently Christopher remembers eating FF with PP) He saw that box and it was all over from there. I think I have heard Paw Paw more times today than I have heard cars. We had to call PP and talk to him this morning and later in the day Bryan called and when I put Christopher on the phone with him, when he heard it was not PP he handed the phone back to me. He does LOVE his Paw Paw. He has been daddies best friend since he got home and they have been playing cars for over an hour.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pizza Hut here I come :)

We went over to a friends house last week and she ahd this brilliant idea to let the kids make their own pizzas. I thought she was a little crazy but WOW it was fun. When I used to teach I planned several field trips to the pizza place to let the kids make their own pizza I just never thought of letting my 2 year old do it. Well tonight was the night. I let Christopher make his own pizza and he really seemed to like it. He did not like the fact that he had to wait for the pizza to cook. (last week he had 2 friends to play with) As you can see in the pictures he enjoyed eating the pizza dough before we cooked it and the cheese off the pizza. I forgot to take a picture of the finished product and guess what???? IT IS GONE

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bath tub baby

Christopher LOVES the bathtub. When I say "let's go get in the bathtub" he goes running to the door. He loves playing with all his toys in the bathtub. He has alphabet letters that stick to the tub, cars that stick to the tub, crayons that you can write on the tub with and cups galore. Here are a few pics of his bathtub time. I combed his hair slicked back like Fonzie.

Sleepy boy

We have had a super busy weekend. The weather has been beautiful and we took full advantage of it. Saturday morning we got up, had some breakfast and headed outside to clean the garage. It is a much needed task that we have been needing to do since we moved in this house 4 years ago.

We had a little scare while we were outside. Bryan had told Olivia and her friend to keep an eye on Christopher while we were cleaning, then he sent them to ride bikes, which left us to watch him. I looked up about 2-3 minutes later and said "where is my child?" We could not see him. I went in to panic mode and our neighbor who was down here said "he just walked past me" I walked up the the end of our yard and who did I see walking down the street about 2 houses away but our little Christopher. My heart was pounding and I could not believe that this was happeneing. I ran down the street and grabbed him and believe me he did not get out of our site the rest of the day.

We came in and ate dinner and went to night night. We were a tired bunch after this busy day.

Sunday, we woke up and I folded some clothes and then Christopher and I headed to go and do some shopping and then we took advantage of the beautiful day again and went to the park to play. We went to the park a lot last year but I think he is going to enjoy it a lot more this year b/c he can climb on all the things. We had a good time. Came home and ate some pancakes for dinner. Bryan got home from helping a friend do some work at their house and Christopher climbed up in his lap and fell asleep. It is so funny it seems like he always falls asleep in Bryans arms. Here are a few pics of my snoozing baby boy. The last picture is the one from today. Isn't he adorable? I went in and added another picture of him from tonight when I went to cover him up. It is the first picture. Once again, isn't he adorable?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Big shoes to fill

Isn't he cute wearing daddies shoes?

Snow Day 2/12/10

Today it really did snow and it snowed A LOT. We had so much fun playing outside. I am so glad that Christopher liked it this year. I would have been sad it I had to play in the snow by myself. :) We played outside this morning and then Olivia and her sister came over to play after they got out of school. Christopher liked eating the snow but was picking it up off the ground and it would have pine straw and leaves in it. We got a plastic top and the girls had a makeshift sled that they pulled Christopher on. We came in to warm up with some doughnuts and hot chocolate. It was a good day. The snow at our house is pretty much melted so there will be no playing tomorrow.

Chuck E Cheese

We took Christopher to Chuck E Cheese one day. I have been wanting to take him but waiting for the right time. Well that time happened in Mobile. We had a good time. Christopher loved the car game that the cars just drove around with no token and Leslie and I had fun playing Ski Ball and Deal or no Deal. Christopher DID NOT like the things moving AT ALL. He loves him a monster truck and all but let it move and it is a different story. NOT having it AT ALL. We are so glad that Aunt Leslie was off all week and got to spend lots of time

with us doing things I am sure she NEVER thought she would do. Thanks Aunt Leslie we hope you had as much fun as we did.

hanging out at the house

We had shrimp and crab claws one night for dinner and Christopher REALLY wanted to "help" Maw Maw, only Maw Maw did not want Christopher "helping" her. It was funny to watch him sneak a spoon over to "help." We gave Christopher a bowl and wisk and he entertained himself for several minutes making his own 1 man band.

Park day

My sister was off all week so we got to hang with her a lot. We went to the park one day and played for a long time. It was fun to get out and it not be too cold.


Not sure if you can tell or not but my child LOVES cars. Everything is a car. This night Paw Paw (who Christopher is also OBSESSED with) was gone. I was trying to get him to sleep when he heard Paw Paws voice and jumped out of bed and starting saying Paw Paw over and over so I took him to see Paw Paw and this is what they ended up doing for probably 45 minutes. Paw Paw went to get a chair b/c his back was giving him problems so Christopher had to go get one too. Two peas in a pod.

Fancy pants

Christopher got a hold of my sequin shoes while we were at Maw Maw and Paw Paws. Don't think he is going to like me one day when he sees these pics. He loved walking in the kitchen b/c it made more noise and he is ALL about making noise