Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mommies Little MONSTER

We have had a filled week so far of HALLOWEEN FUN. On Monday we went to Gymboree to play. Christopher had a good time with the bubbles and Gymbo the clown. Today we had a Halloween party to go to. Both of them were dress up in your costume events and beleive it or not Christopher wore his costume the whole time. He looked so cute and his costume is sooooo appropriate.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Festival

Christopher and I headed out to a fall festival at one of the local churches today and had a good time. He played games and won some prizes, we rode on the hayride a couple times and the big highlight was Christopher rode on his first pony. I was really shocked that he did this but the man in charge asked if he wanted to ride and he went from my arms to his arms and onto the horse. I thought he might go nuts once the pony took off but he stayed on, didn't cry and I think he wanted to ride again.

Cherub Clubhouse

On Saturday Christopher and I had some running around to do to get ready for his bday party. There is a new place that is open right by our house called the Cherub Clubhouse and it is the neatest place. We went for the grand opening and Christopher had a blast. He played with the cars (imagine that) and the balls and had a good ole time.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


We headed to the Pumpkin Patch today with the rest of Birmingham, Montgomery, Clanton and anywhere else you can think of. It wasn't bad but there were a TON of people there. We had a great time. Christopher played with the animals and told them bye bye and we attempted to let him feed them but he was having no part of it. He loved petting the llama which I think is funny b/c one of his favorite books is Llama llama red pajama. He played with the pumpkins, threw the pumpkins, sat on the pumpkins and fell off the pumpkins. We had a great time and got 3 perfect pumpkins that we will carve before Halloween gets here.

Just cute

Here are some pics of Christopher hanging out. I made the Frankenstein shirt (isn't it precious) The picture of Bryan and Christopher they are watching some truck show on TV

Painting with mommy

I bought a few things recently for Christopher to paint so we decided to tackle it one day this week. He "painted" a pumpkin to put in the front yard and some canvas' that were supposed to hang in my kitchen, but I think they will hang in my sewing room so only I can admire them. (haha) Notice the orange lip :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

La Fiesta

On Monday Alicia and Hadley were in town so we met at La Fiesta. You NEVER know we were are going to get in to when we are together. Here are some pictures of La Fiesta and a picture of the kids with our waiter that we always request Felipe. We asked the owner how long they have been open and he said about 20 years and we said I wonder how long we have been coming here and he said about 15. Kind of sad isn't it?

Family Reunion

The first Sunday of October is always the Rentz family reunion. We head up to the country and eat and then head to uncle Billy's house to go "chase" the cows. Irvin, Julie, Christopher and I headed out in the truck to see what the cows were up to. Christopher had fun mooing at the cows and riding in the back of the truck.

Watermelon Patch

Paw Paw and I took Christopher to a place in Mobile called The Watermelon Patch. He had a good time but I think he would have had more fun if there were some kids there.