Monday, September 21, 2009

State Fair

This past weekend the State Fair was in town so we went with the neighbors. First, we all went to eat where Christopher had a blast b/c we sat on the patio and he could run around b/c we were the only ones out there. We left dinner and went to the fair. It was fun but there were not many things for Christopher to ride. He DID NOT like the boats we put him on first and the lady had to stop the ride to get him off. He enjoyed the rest of the rides that he went on but only when Olivia would ride with him and then he was still a little worried at first. He did however, love petting the animals, just not feeding them.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Beach take 2

On Sunday the weather was beautiful so we took advantage of it and headed to the beach. We were there for about 5 hours and I think we all got a little too much sun. You can tell on Bryans back where I accidentally missed a few spots. For dinner that night we went to Sea and Suds which I have been too but I thought that since it was our last night we could go and eat dinner and watch the waves come crashing in. After dinner we went and got some ice cream and went and sat in the car at the beach and ate our ice cream.

Playin in the rain

On Saturday it rained ALL day long. Bryans mom was down also so we met her for lunch at Lamberts and then headed to the outlets for Day 2 of shopping for us. It was nasty but it was not thundering and lightening so we let Christopher play in the splash pad at the kids section and play on the playground.

Day 1 at the beach

After the dolphin cruise we went home and took a much needed nap and ate some lunch and then headed to the beach. Christopher loved it just as much as he did the last time we were there. He enjoyed playing in the sand, feeding the seagulls with daddy and playing in the water. WE went out to dinner that night to Ribs and Reds. I told Bryan when we left that I wanted to only eat at places I had never eaten before. It was really good and the weather was nice so we sat outside to eat.

Rayburn Vacation

We'll we are officially back from the first ever Rayburn vacation. We went down to the beach for about a week and had a GREAT time (between the rains). We went on a dolphin tour which was really cool, we shopped, we ate out, we shopped some more, we played in the sand, we ate some more and we shopped some more. It was so nice to get away and be able to spend some much needed time with daddy, mommy and Christopher. It did rain quite a bit while we were gone but we made the most of it and enjoyed the rest we got. Here are some pictures from our trip. I will break them down into days. Here are pictures from the dolphin trip, this was Christophers first time on a boat and he really seemed to like it a lot, (even though he DID NOT LIKE the life jacket he had to wear) now all I have to do is convince daddy that we NEED another boat.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day from the Rayburns

We have had a good day hanging as a family. Christopher and I got up and ran some errans and then we went and met Bryan at the mud bog. Christopher loves being down there and riding 4 wheelers and big trucks and playing in the dirt. Here are a few pictures from our day. (By the way mom he doesn't ride in the dune buggy, don't worry)

Thursday, September 3, 2009


We had a playgroup at our house today. It was supposed to be a water balloon day but the weather did not allow that to happen. It was sort of cool and has been raining so we just hung out inside. For some reason I only got a few pictures and they are all of the same child with Christopher, her name is Hayden and they are 1 week apart. They all played well together and had a good time. The girls chased Christopher around the kitchen on his Lightening McQueen car.


Well it has been hitting me pretty hard that I am about to have a 2 year old. He is growing up so fast every day. It just seems like yesterday when I was feeding him while he was sitting in his bouncy seat and now he is sitting at the big table with us eating off his own plate and placemat. Where did the time go????