Saturday, November 15, 2008

Let the fun begin!!!

Well today was Christopher's Birthday Party. We invited friends and family and cooked hot dogs and hamburgers. I ended up buying his cake b/c I just could not stress about it. I did make some really cute monkey cupcakes for the kids. It was a good day there were about 10 little ones and mommies and daddies and it was pure CRAZINESS for about 2 hours at our house. We did Christopher's birthday cake and he did not dig into it like he did the other night. He did manage to get it ALL over his face again. With this cake he had an alergic reaction to the icing. His face got real red and a little swollen. I felt so sorry for him. We got him cleaned up (Thanks Aunt Monica) and it never really phased him. Most of the people left and we sat around and opened gifts. He got a lot of good new toys to play with most of them make noise (Oh Goodie). After everyone left he conked out. He was so tired he has had a busy busy day today.


Nelson Family said...

HOW CUTE! Love the are just a little Martha Stewart aren't ya?? I love love love the pic of Christopher w/ cake on his face smiling so big! Precious!

Jill said...

Cindy! He is so cute! I can't believe you made those cupcakes. I started a blog too - we have the same background. Craaazyy! Love you!