Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Give me three steps

Well today has been a crazy day. We were in major need of me going to the grocery store so today Christopher seemed to be feeling better so we headed out. I gave him some goldfish to snack on whle we were there and obviously he had enough and he started throwing them over the side of the cart. We were almost done and my buggie was full and he started taking things out of the top of the buggy and throwing them over the side of the buggy. Then we get to the checkout line and he starts unloading the snickers candy bars out of the boxes and dropping them on the floor. I was sweating to death trying to get everything out of my buggy so I could control my child. He then began to take the boxed items off the conveyer belt and put them in his lap. I don't know if I can handle that everytime I go to the grocery store. We came home and he is really showing an interest in walking so I would place him at the sofa and go to the other side of the room and there was a few times where he would take a few steps. He was so proud of himself and would laugh at himself when he would fall. Here are some pics of him falling. I never got one where he was actually walking. I love the one where he is waving and sticking his tongue out. He is so cute.

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