Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fun Fun Day

Well we have had the most perfect day today. We woke up this morning and Christopher opened his gifts from us, my friend Cindy and something from my parents. We enjoyed playing with his new toys before we had to get ready to go meet some friends for lunch. I gave Christopher milk today for the first time and he is not real fond of it. He would make this ugly face and then make this funny noise right behind it. We met some friends for lunch and that was nice and then we headed to Painted by U to make some Christmas gifts. We were there for quite a while and then we headed to the bakery to get our Birthday cupcake. Bryan brought dinner home and after we were done eating we tore Christophers clothes off of him and gave him his cupcake. He was a little weary at first as to what to do with it but when he got the hang of it he tore into it and did not turn back.. He had cupcake from head to toe, in his diaper, in his hair, it was EVERYWHERE. We laughed so hard at him, it was so cute to see him get so excited about that cupcake. After he ate his cupcake he had to have a bath and then he played a little more and now he is off to night night. He has had such a busy busy day.

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Nelson Family said...

OMGOODNESS!! That is ALL I can say about that last pic w/ the kid covered in chocolate!! He had a blast obviously! What an awesome way to celebrate your first b'day!! Toooooo cute!