Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pool Time

I have been wanting to get Christopher a pool for our yard but I wanted one big enough for Bryan and I to be able to enjoy. I searched and searched and found what I thought to be the perfect pool for our family. Well after about 4 days of looking for it and 6 hours of getting it together we finally have our pool. Here we are getting in it for the first time. Christopher was so excited about his pool and we could not go another minute without being in it. Since it took so long for it to get up and running (b/c the ground had to be flat, which involved a tractor and a load of sand) and then the hour it took to fill it up it was later in the afternoon before we got in and boy was it cold. We were literally chattering out teeth. We had some friends over for dinner so they joined.

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Jill said...

Christopher is going to want to get in there EVERYDAY!!! How nice to have the pool when it's so stinkin' HOT!!!

I just read all your posts. Happy Anniversary to Jo-Mama and Big Daddy!