Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beach Day 2

We were not going to let the oil stop us from getting some sun and playing so we headed to the beach. We still could not get in the water but Christopher is not a fan of the waves so he is not a fan of being on the main beach. He had fun playing considering the circumstances. Today there were no tar balls on the beach but plenty of them in the water. Around 11:30 the beach patrol came around and said we could get in the water but be careful. I moved my chair a little closer and we finished enjoying the day. There were still not a bunch of people there today and we were at the main hangout. Normally this time of year this area is so crowded you can not find a place to be. NOT the case this year. There were people in jeans and haz mat clothing with shovels scooping the tar balls off the beach. Several "locals" came and I would chat with them and when they left they thanked me for coming and helping out their town. So sad. We went out to dinner again and then did some souvenir shopping and walked down to the beach just to have somehting to do. Christopher acted crazy and we had to come home. (after ice cream of course.)

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