Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thomas Take 2

Well we attempted to go see Thomas again on Thursday with our friends that we were supposed to go with last week and I got there and there was NO Thomas. I had one sad little boy. We had been tlaking about going to see the Choo Choo all morning long and then there was no choo choo to be had. We ended up going down to Montevallo to a park down there and letting Christopher and Coopie (Cooper) play for several hours. We went to lunch and did a little grocery shopping and headed home for nap time.
Friday we attempted to go to Thomas again b/c I just knew he was there on Friday. Yep, wrong again. We ended up letting to boys play on the train tracks and get up on the actual trains that were at the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum. They had a good time and finally got to see the choo choos. We went in the gift shop b/c I knew I was not crazy and that Thomas was supposed to be there and the lady said not jsut Sat and Sun. I still knew I was not crazy and came home and looked it up on the internet and it does say Fri, Sat and Sun so I am not sooo crazy after all.
Here are some pictures of Christopher and Coopie playing on the tracks and in the gift shop at the train table.

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Mama Hen said...

Yeah right Cindy, if you say so... :)