Friday, April 9, 2010

A day out with Thomas

Well we had plans to go see Thomas the tank with some friends today and she called and had to cancel b/c her little boy is sick. I thought about not going b/c Thomas will be back next week but decided to head on out. I put Christophers 1 and only train shirt on and his belly hung out the bottom of it, so off to the monogramming machine I went. It took me over an hour to make his shirt and he was not acting very sweet the whole time. I had decided we were not going and we would just go next week and do something around the house today. Then my friend Leslie called and said they wanted to go so we packed up and headed that way, we stopped for some lunch and had a picnic in the car and then headed to see the choo choo. We went to the petting zoo and checked out the animals and then headed to get our tattoo. Next we went to hear the story and this is where Christopher FLIPPED out, he did not want on the train, he did not want to hear a story, he did not want to sit on my lap, he wanted off and he wanted off NOW. We went and listened to Jay Aycock sing some kiddie songs and that is when our friends showed up. Christopher was totally different once Larson got there, running around like some sort of wild animal let loose. They boys had a good time, playing with the train tables, playing in the sand and just running around. We were there for about 2 hours or more and when we headed home little man was out like a light.

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