Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sleepy boy

We have had a super busy weekend. The weather has been beautiful and we took full advantage of it. Saturday morning we got up, had some breakfast and headed outside to clean the garage. It is a much needed task that we have been needing to do since we moved in this house 4 years ago.

We had a little scare while we were outside. Bryan had told Olivia and her friend to keep an eye on Christopher while we were cleaning, then he sent them to ride bikes, which left us to watch him. I looked up about 2-3 minutes later and said "where is my child?" We could not see him. I went in to panic mode and our neighbor who was down here said "he just walked past me" I walked up the the end of our yard and who did I see walking down the street about 2 houses away but our little Christopher. My heart was pounding and I could not believe that this was happeneing. I ran down the street and grabbed him and believe me he did not get out of our site the rest of the day.

We came in and ate dinner and went to night night. We were a tired bunch after this busy day.

Sunday, we woke up and I folded some clothes and then Christopher and I headed to go and do some shopping and then we took advantage of the beautiful day again and went to the park to play. We went to the park a lot last year but I think he is going to enjoy it a lot more this year b/c he can climb on all the things. We had a good time. Came home and ate some pancakes for dinner. Bryan got home from helping a friend do some work at their house and Christopher climbed up in his lap and fell asleep. It is so funny it seems like he always falls asleep in Bryans arms. Here are a few pics of my snoozing baby boy. The last picture is the one from today. Isn't he adorable? I went in and added another picture of him from tonight when I went to cover him up. It is the first picture. Once again, isn't he adorable?


Jill said...

He is adorable, I could eat him with a spoon!

Mama Hen said...

Yes, he is adorable. Mucho adorable. I know the feeling when you can't find your child and it is terrible. Terrible. Glad everything was okay.