Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pizza Hut here I come :)

We went over to a friends house last week and she ahd this brilliant idea to let the kids make their own pizzas. I thought she was a little crazy but WOW it was fun. When I used to teach I planned several field trips to the pizza place to let the kids make their own pizza I just never thought of letting my 2 year old do it. Well tonight was the night. I let Christopher make his own pizza and he really seemed to like it. He did not like the fact that he had to wait for the pizza to cook. (last week he had 2 friends to play with) As you can see in the pictures he enjoyed eating the pizza dough before we cooked it and the cheese off the pizza. I forgot to take a picture of the finished product and guess what???? IT IS GONE


Jill said...

You're a great Mommy!

posted by The Bailey Family said...

Yum yummy! Christopher, I'm coming to eat lunch with you! Can you put some pepperoni on mine?