Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thank you Easter Bunny BOCK BOCK

We have had a good quiet day today. Christopher was up a lot last night for some reason (we think his big teeth are coming in, but I can not get in his mouth to find out) When he woke up he headed in the den and got his water and went to pick up one of his old toys and he saw out of the corner of his eye some new things. He went right to them and started playing with his new tools (they were from Maw Maw and Paw Paw), he also got a lot of new bubble toys and some new bubbles and a bear that is bigger than he is. It was so cute he went and sat in it's lap. I cooked a big lunch and one of our neighbors came and ate with us and then we headed outside to play with our new bubble toys. We spent the rest of the afternoon hours outside. Bryan had the 4 wheeler and trailer out so he took Christopher and I on a ride down the street. It has been a GREAT day at the Rayburn house


Mama Hen said...

Oh my goodness at the stuff! He looks cute and like he is having fun though.

Jill said...

Love, love love the PJ's. Precious - Girl, I should have had Easter at your house!