Sunday, April 13, 2008

Baby shower/ I'm 5 months old

Well today we went to Briana's baby shower. I guess I have been bragging about how good Christopher is and it has caught up with me because he was NOT SO GOOD TODAY!!! He took a small nap before we left and after about 4 hours I finally had to put him in the car and ride down the street to get him to go to sleep. Then he only slept about 30 min at the most. I do not know if it was so many people, or is he is getting more teeth or me bragging about him is catching up, or it may be the fact that he was dressed up and he does not like being dressed up. Whatever it is, he fought sleep all day long. I could not get him to sleep, Debbie tried, Jennie tried, Heather tried and some lady we don't know tried and he was not having it I thought he would sleep on the way home but he did not and it is now almost 9:30 and he is in his pack n play and I can hear him playing. Who knows but here are some pictures from our day. Check out Travis' face it is priceless. Christopher turned 5 months old today it is hard to believe it has been 5 months since he was born. :(

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