Sunday, November 29, 2009

Birthday Fun!!!

We had a fun and busy day today enjoying Christopher's 2cd Birthday. We got ready after opening presents etc and headed to Painted by U. We did this last year for his birthday and I thought we would make it a tradition. We made mommy a few goodies. Christopher acted CRAZY in that place only to find out he was super tired. He fell asleep in the stroller, in the store while I was checking out. We left there and headed to Krystal and picked up lunch and headed to the shop to eat lunch with daddy. That night we took Christopher outto eat Japanese. It is sort of a tradition to go eat japanese food on your birthday around here. After dinner we came home and sang Happy Birthday again and let Christopher eat his birthday cupcake. He seemed to enjoy the candle the most b/c he took a huge chuck out of it. I still can not believe my baby boy is already 2.

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