Sunday, May 17, 2009

Finally back home

We have been in Mobile for the past week and a half for baseball games, block parties, Mother's Day and just visiting. We went down on Tues May 5th to watch my nephew pitch in his baseball tournament (which he did not do). When we went back to mom and dads that night I went to let Huey out of his cage and he was gone. (I had left him on the back porch b/c it was so hot in mom and dads house) We searched the neighborhood, posted signs, called the vets around their house, called the pound etc etc etc. It was a LONG few days but on Thursday morning I called the pound again and they had him. Christopher and I went flying down to claim Huey and get him out of doggie jail. That Friday my nephew had a baseball game so we went to that. Brayn came in town Friday night and we had a "date" we went bowling and had a GREAT time. Saturday was busy busy. We had another 2 baseball games where my nephew did pitch and did a GREAT job. We were at the ballpark all day and as soon as we finished at the ballpark we headed home to get things ready for the block party. We had several friends come and hang out with us and Christopher was a good boy all day long. He ate soooooooooooo many strawberries at the block party and enjoyed eating ice out of the cooler. Mother's Day was good we all went to eat Japanese food and went home and just hung out and rested from our busy days. Bryan was still there so we had another "date." We went to play pool and had a good time. We stayed for a few more days b/c my sister was off work and we wanted to hang out with her. On Thursday we got Christopher a much needed 4th haircut. He was good but moved around ALOT. We headed home on Friday b/c on Sat we had a bday party to go to for one of Christopher's friends. Now we are back in our routine and ready to get the summer rolling. Here are some pictures from our visit to Mobile.

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Jill said...

I'm so glad you got to spend so much time with your family! And - you go with your 2 dates!