Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Baseball Boy

Saturday, my nephew had a double header so we headed to the ball park. Christopher did so good. He had fun playing with a few little boys and running around the ball park. He waved to every car that drove by or every person that walked by. My sister Jennie took him for a walk to get him to go to sleep and he fell asleep with his hat on and a graham cracker in his hand. He has always loved playing with hats and he has actually started wearing his out in public. He likes to take all the hats and stack them on my dads head. It is a nonstop game for those 2.


Jill said...

That picture of him asleep is the best. Love it that he's holding on to his little cracker!

Mama Hen said...

I too love the picture of him asleep. Too precious.

The yard sale is May 2. I'll be glad to meet you somewhere. Thanks so much.

Does Jill have your number?