Saturday, December 13, 2008

Getting ready for Christmas

Christmas is my favorite time of the year but this year I have decided not to put up a tree. I know that is terrible and this will be the only time I can get away with it, but I have just run out of time. I normally put my tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving but Christopher and I were in Mobile and then we came back for a week but I was getting things ready for a show and then we were gone again for another week so I have just let time catch up on me. Christopher is also at that age where he is in to EVERYTHING. I tell him "no" enough and I can not even begin to imagine what it would be like for the next week when we leave for Mobile again. Call me a Scrooge but if you see my child between now and Christmas chances are pretty good that he will be decked out in Christmas attire.
We attempted to take pics last night for our Christmas card and I bought this big ornament b/c I (well Alicia) gave me the perfect idea and Christopher wanted nothing to do with the ornament until we had all had enough of "trying" to get a good picture. Now he has not let go of the ornament. He throws it over his shoulder and carries it around like he is Santa.


Jill said...

Cindy - oh my word you have a cute little boy!!! I love all the pics. I think it is A-OK not to put up a tree (I didn't either this year!!!)

Mama Hen said...

I don't blame you about the tree. He won't remember, but you would if you were having to tell him no 100 times a day!
He's a cutie Cindy.