Monday, December 8, 2008

Big Boy Haircut

On Thursday I took Christopher to get his first haircut by Julie's mom at Bunny's Inc. I have been dreading getting his haircut b/c it is just one more step to him not being a baby anymore, but we had to get rid of the mullet and rat tail. It was getting a little out of control and I could not take it anymore. He did great and looks like a little boy now. He no longer looks like my baby. He got a cute 1st haircut certificate and got to play with Carter while we were there. After the haircut we headed to the mall to get him some new pj's for Christmas. I have been searching for footed pjs and could not find them anywhere. We shared a pretzel and cheese dip while we were there too. We had a good day together.

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Nelson Family said...

How sweet! He looks great w/ his new "do!"