Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Super busy, FUN day

Today Christopher and I went to see a movie (Kung Fu Panda) It was pretty cute but I am not sure Christopher liked it too much b/c he slept through the whole thing which was good b/c I got to watch it and enjoy it. We came home and hung out for a while and then headed to the Cherub Clubhouse to take something to drop off and then we headed to meet Alicia and Hadley at Chuck E Cheese. Christopher has only been 1 time with Aunt LeLe and I and you would have thought he was a pro. He ran all over the place, rode on the rides (which he wouldn't do last time), went to see Chuck E. when he came out (which he wouldn't do last time), climbed up in the tunnels (which he wouldn't do last time). We are pizza and danced and I think the kids had a great time.

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