Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

It was such a beautiful day today. Christopher and I went to meet some friends for the annual egg hunt. The kids had a good time hunting eggs. Christopher got a whole lot of eggs in his basket. We came home after the hunt and played outside a little while, ran a few errands, got some lunch, and took a much needed nap. After naptime we headed outside where we stayed the rest of the afternoon. Christopher ate dandelions, rode his 4 wheeler, played in daddy's truck, played in mommy's car, played ball with the neighbors, played with the dog across the street, ate some dirt and enjoyed some cookies with daddy. It was a perfect day. If it is pretty tomorrow we are going to be out there doing the same thing only mommy is going to be planting some flowers.


Jill said...

Those pics are great. I expecially love the one where he's next to the little boy in the green shirt. He looks like he's up to something!

Sandy Lovell said...

I love your pictures! I'm glad I ran into you and got to meet both of you. I particularly love the pictures of the lovebirds a few posts back. Very cute!