Thursday, August 6, 2009


I know this post in soooo long overdue, but my computer is not working so I have had Bryans and well I was not sure how to upload pics from my camera to his computer until today when he actually had time to show me. We were in Mobile for about 3 weeks and so much has happened since then. Christopher is very adament about feeding himself most of the time so there will be some pictures of him trying to feed himself, some of him working, eating, playing and watching tv with Paw Paw, LOTS of pictures of him at the beach. It was so funny Christopher had this fascination with my sisters hose and he could not figure them out. There are some pictures of him trying to get the hose off her toes.

We went to the Gulf on the 4th of July with my sister Leslie and watched the fireworks and played at the beach a lot. We went and got ice cream every night and had a great time. We went back to Mobile for a few days and then Chistopher and I headed over by ourselves to hang out and get a little more sun. We had a good time playing on the beach and Christopher loved picking up the hermit crabs and throwing them back in the water. I wish we lived closer to the beach so we could get there more often.

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