Monday, June 15, 2009

Can you believe??

I let my child get this dirty? I can't but he LOVES it. We have been going mud riding the past few weekends and yesterday Bryan and Christopher and I went just the 3 of us and had a good time. Christopher loves dirt, he loves the 4 wheeler and he is so content when we are there. He finds sticks to play with, mud to dig in, rocks to throw and he has the best time. It has been raining here the past few days so the ground was good and muddy. We let Bryan have a little fun without us and he was also filthy when we left. HE got the 4wheeler stuck and even got his shoe stuck. Here are some pictures of my dirty boyS

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Rose said...

Little ones just love mud riding don't they? I always sat with my german shepard in the mud when I was little~my mom let me play for hours. One day all the mud was washed away and everything was cleaned up~I was so dissapointed I still remember it. I really enjoy reading your blog. God bless, Rose