Saturday, January 3, 2009


Well we finally took Christopher out in his buggy he got for his bday. He was kicked back riding down the street waving at everything. It was so cute. Here are some pics of him in his buggy in the house, he loves riding around the living room or just pushing it around. He is at such a funny stage right now. He makes me laugh every day. :) We went out to dinner with some of Bryans friends tonight and as we were leaving we got a compliment on how well behaved Christopher was. A little old lady stopped me and told me he was a very well behaved child and told me I was a great mommy. That is always good to hear.


Jill said...

Girl! How did you get such a well-behaved child??? KIDDING!!!!

Jennifer said...

Seriously, I'll bet you are a great Mommy, but watch out, Christopher probably reads this blog and he has got you figured out! Also, I am with Jill!?!?!? :) Christopher is such a cutie!