Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Shoes

Well we finally bite the bullet and went and got Christopher some shoes today and he did not like it ONE BIT. He cried and cried when she put them on his feet and then when I put him down to try to walk he screamed some more. I even called mom so she could hear his screaming. (She is the reason he HAS to get shoes). We went to 2 different stores to find some "cute" shoes and they just do not make "cute" shoes for little boys. We got 2 different pairs and we got the cutest ones they had, but they are not really cute. He seems to be doing ok with them, he has figured out how to unvelcro them though so we will see how long it takes him to figure out how to take them off.


Maddi said...

love these pics...what a cutie, and Brianna's baby looks just like her, such beautiful eyes.

Maddi said...

This was suppose to be for the Halloween pics...guess I clicked on the the wrong comment box, oops