Monday, August 18, 2008

Night Night

Well after 9 months of Christopher sleeping in our bedroom we have come to the point where he has to get in his bed. After going to the pediatrician the other day and telling her what was going on with Christophers sleeping patterns her first response was "he has got to get out of your room" It was very hard on me and not so hard on him. I kept thinking he would have a hard time with it and I kept going in to check on him and he was always fine. I would come back in the den and cry my eyes out. He did wake up a few times (3) and would cry for maybe 2 minutes and go back to sleep. He slept until 9 oclock this morning whild I have been up since 7:30 waiting for him to get up so I could just hold him. I am glad he did so well last night but it also breaks my heart at the same time. When he got up this morning and I went in there to get him I balled my eyes out again. I know this is what needed to happen but I was not ready for this happen right now. I guess this is the first of many milestones for me to accomplish.

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